In The Lane..Snow Is Glistening

Image With record-breaking low temperatures, it’s no surprise I haven’t left my house in TWO days…yes two days. When temperatures are in the -60s with windchill, you can’t even step outside without feeling like your skin is going to fall off. So when times get tough its time to bring in the big guns.

During the wintertime the first thing to go crazy is my skin. It gets really dry really fast so I make sure to apply lotion all over after every shower. Being slightly wet really makes a difference because it locks in the lotion better and hydrates your skin even more. Next MUST, MUST, MUST is…CaNdLEsS!! I cannot go a day without lighting multiple candles. They have such a soothing effect that I think they are a necessity in everyone’s homes. Even though it is crazy cold outside, I still need my Starbucks. Since I didn’t plan on seeing anyone my hair is probably unruly as ever (whats a hairbrush?) so beanies are the way to go! They are a quick fix to bed-head and just plain laziness.   Throw on your favorite boots (mine are these Sorels in the color Trail) and you are ready to go get that White Chocolate Mocha :). Lastly, my favorite thing to do after a long day out in the cold (HA…okay running from my car to the door) is snuggling up with my pup next to the fire and watching a favorite movie like The Holiday.


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