Cascading Glitter Nails


I wanted to do a tutorial for you on how to do my favorite nails. Both nail polishes I use are PINK brand from Victoria Secret. I am not sure what the silver sparkles is called but the champagne color is called “Never Too Bronzed”.  Here is a simple way to get the cascading look of glitter on your nails.


  1. Cut and file your nails to desired shape.
  2. Buff out any imperfections so your polish goes on nice and smooth.
  3. Paint too coats of your favorite nail color on every finger and let dry.
  4. I personally only like doing designs on my ring fingers so next I take the silver sparkles and drop a dot right at the base of the nail bed.
  5. I let this dry for a little bit before I go back with a little more nail polish (try to not get a ton of the big sparkles) on my brush and swipe on the sides first and then lastly down the middle.
  6. **Place individual sparkles if necessary with brush**
  7. After they are dry, swipe on some OPI Rapid Dry Topcoat. && tadaaa perfectly cute nails for any occasion.

IMG_5896 IMG_5902 IMG_5913 IMG_5917IMG_5928


One thought on “Cascading Glitter Nails

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