&& We’re Off!


i have been in Rome for almost a week now and here are a few things to note…

1. not everyone speaks some english like i had thought

2. if you order a grilled cheese you will LITERALLY get a plate of boiling cheese

3. water is anything but free (but the wine practically is)

4. when Italians say ‘prego’ they aren’t talking about pasta sauce and in most cases they aren’t really talking about anything. prego can mean anything from what to you’re welcome & it can also mean absolutely nothing (like in the case where the man at the sandwich shop is yelling prego at you…he just wants to take your order)

5. EVERY building is beautiful here. They don’t build anything new instead they just restore all the old buildings.

6. the men here are convinced that I am from california (not gonna argue with that though)

7. SELFIE STICKS ARE A THING HERE. like literally they are everywhere.

8. breakfast almost doesn’t exist here. I am beginning to think Italians only drink coffee for breakfast (and maybe a croissant).

9. i am extremely thankful for the riposos (like siestas) that happen here. I have taken a nap EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. happy happy happy

10. the best pasta I have had so far was take-away from a bar…not a joke.

image7CIAO for now!!


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