IMG_8510last weekend i made the trip all the way to Budapest, Hungary. to be honest I never thought i would go here. i also thought it was going to be more like Dubai or something? hah i was very wrong. sadly, it rained the entire time so i don’t think i got to really see the beauty of this city.

thursday: after we checked into our airbnb (this awesome service that lets you rent out peoples homes!) we decided to get a snack before dinner. we walked around Budapest for a while before stopping at a place called Hummus Bar. it was amazing!!! they had the best hummus and laffa bread i have ever had. later that night we went to a Hungarian buffet for dinner. i tried various dishes and confirmed that i still don’t like pork (or Hungarian food in general for that matter). however, it was still a very fun big group dinner!

friday: we started our day with a walking tour of the town (made a stop at starbucks of course) we saw the Synagogue, Parliament, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, St. Stephen’s Basilica and some other things i don’t remember haha.

saturday: while the boys went to a shooting range, the girls slept in and then went to a late brunch. we went to this amazing place called Gerbeaud. it was the first time i have had a real salad and a smoothie since being abroad. after brunch we wanted to go see the Buda Castle. our uber driver ended up dropping us off at the bottom of some hill in a random neighborhood. *side note* it was raining..ALOT. so that was fun. it took us a while to actually figure out where the actually castle was but once we found it we decided to just get hot cocoa instead of walking around more (great decision). later that night we made it to the Szechenyi Thermal baths. if you are going to them i definitely suggest going at night!

sunday: in the morning we had to catch our flight back to Rome!

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