Switzerland: Home of the Best Hot Chocolate

10435980_10205668901461092_7442178569536323668_nalthough this was only my second trip of the semester. Switzerland definitely has my heart. being on top of the mountain was one of the most breath taking views i have ever seen.

friday: we decided to take this day to explore Interlaken a bit. we walked around and looked at the shops and restaurants (there really wasn’t all that much to see because the town was so small). also, EVERYTHING in Switzerland is expensive. no matter what you can expect to spend around $20-$30 on every meal…even the mcchickens from McDonalds are $12! however, we did find the best hot chocolate in the world at Funky Chocolate. it tasted like melted chocolate. SO. GOOD. that night we went night sledding in the mountains which was super fun and hard at the same time. it was almost impossible to steer so everyone just ended up running into each other on the 50 minute trail down the mountain. at points it did get scary because one side was the mountain and the other was a cliff and since it was snowing you really couldn’t see much…after we got to the base of the trail we had a swiss dinner and cheese fondue after (not a fan of cheese fondue…).

saturday: first thing in the morning we headed out to the mountain to go skiing. on our second run we accidentally went on the wrong chairlift and ended up on the highest point on the mountain with no other way down. it was a black hill and i totally thought the only way i was going to get off that mountain was being airlifted after i broke a few bones. luckily, it turned into a red a little bit into the trail so i survived…barely (after side stepping down a good amount of it). after skiing we got lunch in the coca-cola hut. i got a hot dog in a baguette, french fries (amazing), and a hot chocolate with some baileys (exactly what i needed after that nightmare of a run). later that night we went to an irish pub for dinner and then we went to a club that was under our hostel. for being under a hostel it was seriously bumping.

sunday: we woke up and did a ‘vertical rush’ adventure with bus2alps! there were four parts to the excursion. the first was a canyon swing that pulled you off of a platform in the trees and shot you forward (my favorite for sure), the second was called the high line where you basically just walk a tight rope from tree to tree, the third was a base jump where you jump off a platform and free fall until the bungee catches you and brings you to the ground (not the biggest fan of that one) and the last was a zip-line back to the base. when the instructor started counting me down to do the base jump i couldn’t feel my body so i ended up not jumping at first which only made it worse but then i just kind of threw myself off the platform. after that we went to Utopia and got some much needed bagels before we headed on the 2 hour bus ride back to the airport!

IMG_5148IMG_4974_2{ hot chocolate from Funky Chocolate }Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_5087IMG_5094{ when you get on the wrong chair lift <<< }Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_5089 IMG_5092_2{ conquering the mountain }


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