11009924_10205785475255364_1896448782424352649_nsomething that i had always been told about Prague was that the food was really bad. i don’t think those people have ever been there because they have so many great food places that i loved (not that I actually tried any authentic Czech place or anything…hi worlds pickiest eater). but i had GREAT breakfasts and brunches, pub food, street food and even some thai food. such a great city for food.

*side note: Czech people do not tend to like Americans because we are too loud. no joke. so in every restaurant we went to we had to be cautious of this.

after arriving at our airbnb we decided to just hang out until dinner and catch up with my friend Amanda Martina who is studying there. for dinner we went to a thai place called Lemon Leaf. We ordered fried spring rolls, fried rice, pad thai, anndd of course prosecco. after dinner we went to an Ed Sheeran concert. the workers there weren’t strict so even though we bought nose-bleed seats we got to be on the floor (score). we spent most of the concert dancing with each other and the crazy lady next to us. this woman was throwing her limbs around and she did not care who was watching…even though her son CLEARLY did. haha. it was nearly impossible to leave the concert because every cab was taken so we had to use the public buses. i turned on an Ed Sheeran song on my phone just to play while we were driving and the whole bus erupted into song. it was hilarious because Czech people aren’t loud in the first place and secondly they don’t talk on public transportation. so our mini concert was pretty epic. we headed to Mosaic (hostel with a bar underneath) for a bit to meet up with more friends and then we made our way to Karlovy. Karlovy is this really cool club that is five stories tall and each floor is a different theme!

we started our day at Cafe Savoy for breakfast. i was super excited to finally be at a restaurant that serves breakfast because they are really hard to come by in Italy. which for me is an issue because i LOVE brunch. after brunch we walked around the city in search of the John Lennon Wall. it was cool to hear the history behind the wall and see all the graffiti that had been painted on it over the years. we were there for a while taking a billion pictures before we eventually made our way across the Charles Bridge to the Astronomical Clock. walking around Old Town was really cool. everything reminded me of a village and it was actually how i pictured all of Prague to be. but it is so much bigger than that. for dinner we went to a sushi place called Yami where I had the best teriyaki salmon that night we went to a club called Lucerna (after visiting Mosaic again). this was my FAVORITE club in Prague. they had these big screens everywhere that played 80s music videos the entire time. so fun to dance to.

saturday started off my favorite way. with brunch! we went to a place called Radost fx. it doubles as a club at night and it is actually where Rihanna filmed her “Don’t Stop the Music” music video. since it was Valentine’s Day it was only fitting that Lindsey Wirht and i ordered the honeymooners meal. we’re talking waffles, eggs, potatoes, fruit, chai tea, and mimosas. our mission that day was to explore the Prague Castle. it was on the top of a huge hill so it was definitely a hike! but the views were worth it. the rest of the day we walked around Old Town And Wenceslas Square. we went shopping (sorry mom) and tried some street food. we got hot dogs served in a baguette and fried cheese in a bun. the fried cheese was basically just a big cheese curd. i’m surprised no one has brought this to Wisconsin yet…after a much need nap we went to dinner at The Pub. at each table there was a tap in the middle and there was a huge screen on the wall that showed all the tables tallies. the boys were really set on getting to first place and since each beer was only like a dollar that wasn’t really a problem. we started the night at our usual place, Mosaic. then we went to a club called Retro (I liked Lucerna better).

before we headed to the airport we made one more last stop at Bohemian Bagels. bagels are also very hard to find in Italy which is becoming a problem.


image11{ a Valentine’s day balloon and Maleficent’s castle from Sleeping Beauty }image12Trdelník }image13 { “honeymooners” breakfast to start of Valentine’s Day }IMG_9143{ pretty buildings }IMG_9017{ view from Charles Bridge }IMG_8956{ John Lennon Wall }



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