Buon Appetito!


i always thought i would have to leave all the amazing food in Rome when i returned home to the U.S., but thanks to Chef Andrea from Cooking Classes in Rome i no longer have to! i went to a cooking class of his the other day and learned so many new things. for instance he told us we shouldn’t be ordering anything with pesto right now because its not in season so its most likely coming from a jar (he said only americans order it in the winter…good to know since i’m trying to fit in as MUCH as possible here). also i learned how to hand make gnocchi which is awesome and i can’t wait to re-make it when i get home. all you do is mash potatoes and add some flour and then roll the dough into these strings the size of your finger. then you cut up the pieces and drop them in a pot of boiling water for like 30 seconds and voilà! you made yourself some gnocchi.

image1 { before the cooking began…loved all the fresh ingredients }image3{ hand rolling gnocchi }image5 { where we got to eat our culinary masterpiece }image6 { waiting anxiously… }image7 { gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce & basil }image8{ chocolate & pear soufflé }


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