image6 2{ fresh fruit and juice from La Boqueria }

thursday: we landed in Barcelona around lunchtime and were starving so we decided to go to the most raved about brunch place, Brunch & Cake. Somehow we managed to find both Cup & Cake and Travel & Cake instead. we decided to just stay at Travel & Cake because we thought it was close enough (I later learned it’s not). afterwards we went to go pick up our festival tickets. the place we got them from was next to the beach so we headed down to a beach club called Carpe Diem. we spent the rest of the afternoon/early night there lounging on beds and drinking sangria (amazing!). when it came time for dinner we went to the best Mexican place called Rosa Negra. i have been craving Mexican food for months so this really hit the spot. later that night we went to Razzmatazz for the festival/concert thingy hah.

friday: instead of breakfast we decided to wait it out and get Bo De B for an early lunch. Bo De B is famous in Barcelona for really good sandwiches that are filled with a bunch of different stuff. our next destination was Las Ramblas. there was supposed to be street vendors there but that day there wasn’t any. thankfully, we still had La Boqueria market to look forward to. La Boqueria was full of fresh juices, fruits and candies (and meats but nobody got time for that). I got a strawberry coconut juice that i will definitely be trying to remake when i get home. as if we didn’t have enough sweets at the market, we went to the Happy Pills candy store. this was a cute little place where you filled up pink and white pill bottles full of candy. our last stop of the day was Park Güell. we explored the grounds before going to see the colorful benches. from the park we were able to see a lot of Barcelona, including my favorite..the ocean!!

saturday: we skipped breakfast again and instead got an early lunch at a typical Spanish restaurant. Colleen insisted on ordering paella (rice and veggie dish), pan con tomate (bread with mashed tomatoes on too), and potatos bravas (diced potatoes with mayo and a spicy red sauce). of all three dishes I have to say the potatos braves were very yummy. after lunch we headed to the beach to hang out with everyone from abroadfest. the whole day consisted of going back and forth from beach club to beach club (and the beach itself of course). after a long day at the clubs we ended it with dinner at Wok to Walk which was a really good stir-fry chain.

image3 2 { Travel & Cake }Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset { lounging at Carpe Diem }image5 2{ La Boqueria Market }image7 2 { strawberry coconut }image9 2 { Park Güell }image13{ la paella }


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