Where the Romans Choose to Eat


1. the first and most important thing i have learned is in order to find good food, you have to find the locals. wherever they are eating are usually the best places in town. not the ones jammed pack with tourists and study abroad students

2. my step dad was right…freshly grated cheese is the only way to go. no more of that packaged stuff

3. Italy is so much more relaxed than the states. no one is ever in a rush. this means that dinner could last hours because no only do you have to wait forever to get your food, your bill takes almost twice as long! (kind of a blessing in disguise though. it has forced me to slow down)

4. i always thought bread here would be amazing but actually bread here doesn’t taste that great. the reason for this is because Italian’s eat bread with their dinner and they don’t want it to take away from the flavors of the meal

4. a common rule here is to have a cappuccino in the morning and then any time after noon you are supposed to only order espresso

6. the easiest meal to prepare on your own…scrambled eggs. yup. all day, everyday.

7. the best gelato isn’t stacked high. if it is then it isn’t real because real gelato would melt and not be able to hold up. therefore, when you see gelato that is flat the container then you know you have found the good stuff


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