Donuts & Croatia

IMG_7372{ our main food staple of the weekend…donuts! }

last weekend we made one last final group trip to Split, Croatia. it was never a place i ever thought about going to but i am really glad that i did.

FUN FACT: Croatians are really really tall!

thursday: we landed pretty late so the only thing we did this day was get dinner. we went to a place down the street from where we were staying. Croatian money to ours is about an exchange rate of 7 to 1. when we looked at the menu we realized since everything was SO cheap we were going to order a bunch of stuff. big mistake….we ended up ordering twice as much food as we really needed. as soon as we were done with calamari, the fries came out, then the chicken came out, as soon as we were done with that the paella came out!! (i think you get the picture) basically we were stuffed beyond belief and had lost all capabilities to move. somehow we managed to try to find somewhere to go out to that night. however, it ended up being a 3.1 mile hike to a place that happened to be closed #offseasonprobs

friday: after breakfast we got on a bus to head to our activity for the day…white water rafting!!! not going to lie i was really freaked out on the bus ride there. but once we got all wet-suited-up i was really feeling the adrenaline and was ready to go. we lucked out and got the head instructor named Marco. basically he was the definition of perfect haha. anyways..rafting was really cool and i definitely will be doing it again (maybe a little more extreme next time??) afterwards we went to a riverside restaurant and that is where we started our donut binge of the weekend (see above pic). guess what we did on our walk home after the bus dropped us off? got more donuts of course!! haha i will not be eating donuts for a very long time…

saturday: we set out on a mission to find a breakfast place that was somewhere in the middle of the city. we only got mildly lost before we ended up at this cute hotel with the nicest server. it was a multiple course breakfast, think: bread, spreads, fruit, coffee, tea, orange juice, omelettes, yogurt, cereal, etc. SO yummy. honestly, anytime i get breakfast while abroad i am usually a very happy camper. our activity for this day was island hopping. so we boarded the boat and headed off to our first location. we stopped at three different stops throughout the day but the best part was being out on the water. it made me so excited for boating this summer! that night for dinner we decided to check out a pizza place called Adriatic Graso that Marco suggested. he failed to mention that it was not close AT ALL. we walked all the way around the port and then up a hill to get to it (it was also pouring so yay for that). it was definitely worth it though because they brought us out METER long pizzas..yes meter! as a group we managed to scarf down four haha. for those of you that are curious that is a little more than 13 feet. our plan was to go out after but at dinner everyone was still “on the boat”. aka we all still felt like we were riding waves from being on the boat earlier in the day. we didn’t end up getting “off the boat” until the next morning sadly.

sunday: we got up early to try out a new breakfast spot and shop along The Riva before we headed back to the airport. i had the world’s most amazing breakfast. it was called the ‘tier breakfast’ because it came out on two tiers! talk about the greatest gift for an indecisive person like me.IMG_1078{ island hopping with the best }IMG_1085{ hi boat! }IMG_1134 { great crew }IMG_1208{ crabby pants }IMG_7379 { our wonderful transportation }
IMG_7450 { how much kuna??? }IMG_7480 { fell in love with Marco this day (see man holding up paddle) }IMG_7496 { two-tier brunch!! }IMG_7508{ view from where we stayed }


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